Guide to Advantage Blackjack Play

Black Jack Mulligan

Whether the casino is online or land, one of the most popular card games is usually Blackjack. This game where you play against the house is designed to give the edge to the house. With the odds stacked against you, there are some blackjack advantage play tips and tricks in this guide you can use to sway the edge your way. For all poker fans, who aren't that good at playing the game, we offer you to visit this top poker guide for all levels and read the listed tips. They will definitely be out of use and will help you improve your game.

Just How Much Edge Does the House Have?

Typically, in every game of Blackjack played at a casino the dealer starts off with a 55% advantage. These statistics assume that the basic blackjack strategy is being implemented by the player and that the dealer is using 6 decks.

While in percentages it doesn't seem to be much, the bigger picture shows that the casino player will lose one more hand than the dealer after every 200 blackjack games played at a casino, which is why blackjack advantage play is so important. Are you interested in playing a game that relies more on skill than chance? Then online poker is going to be perfect for you. Get a head start by using this $100 poker bonus.

Creating your Own Advantage

This doesn't mean that the prospects of winning in blackjack are weak. In fact, you can implement some blackjack advantage play strategies of your own to generating a personal edge at the casino.

Best Blackjack Tables for Advantage-Play 2023

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Casino Grand Fortune Casino Grand Fortune $2000 $20 Claim your Bonus

Start Counting

The odds of the game are changed every time a card is removed from the deck. Card counting to gain blackjack advantage play will help you keep track of all the cards that have made an appearance allowing you to play accordingly and implement strategies to help you win at both online and land-based casinos.

Hole Carding

Players are quite often not very adept at hiding their hole cards. Sometimes they may raise their cards high enough to check for a blackjack. Knowing the value of this card is extremely important. This is why you should keep an eye on such casino players and gauge their behaviour. After you become comfortable with a great strategy, read our Mr Green grizzly review and then take your newly honed skills and apply them with some real money gambling.

Track Shuffles

This is a tricky one, but also just as effective. Keep an eye on the blackjack cards being discarded and try to gauge where the concentration of aces and tens have ended up. A good tracker will be able to cut the card to make sure the aces are introduced into the game early on.

Free rolls

Occasionally casinos sweeten the pot by giving you the opportunity to win something for free. No matter what the prerequisites, a player should always take every blackjack advantage play opportunity, especially blackjack bonuses.


While you're tracking others, the casino is also keeping an eye on you. The play is tracked by the buy-in value, the average blackjack bet, and the length of time played. All these factors may help you receive other benefits such as accommodation, dining, and entertainment.