Does Progressive Wagering In Blackjack Work?

There are many strategy guides for gamblers out there today, all promising fame and riches if the formula is followed to the letter. One of these is the strategy of progressive wagering blackjack. Although there are some instances where this can be helpful, when it comes to progressive wagering blackjack, it is the often the worst for ensuring that your money disappears. It sounds simple - just double after each loss because you must eventually win a hand, even during a streak of bad luck. Unfortunately, it's just not as logical as it sounds - read on to learn why.

The most obvious pitfall of this system is that there is always a chance you will lose all of your money, making you unable to afford a doubled bet. For example, if you say goodbye to your first $25, double it next time and lose for a total loss of $75, you can end up betting $1600 for a total loss of $3175 - or worse - if you don't stop using the formula. Can you afford to put up $3200 now? What if you lose yet another hand and have to wager $6400? Even if you did finally win, you would have gone through a lot of time and emotions only to be up $25. No matter how skilled you are, there is always the chance that you could go through that many hands before your luck comes back.

The next inevitable problem, the one that hits you even if your bankroll knows no limits, is that eventually you'll reach the maximum bet amount for the table. At most casinos, you will hit a $1000 maximum, and even high-end Vegas venues like the Bellagio only allow as much as $10,000. Another issue is that the house edge increases if you don't properly use the doubling and splitting options. If you take advantage of them, you could get two to three times your original bet out on the table, so this could be a good thing if you decide to judiciously use this method on certain occasions.

The bottom line: don't expect to rely on this as a foolproof method of winning. It has been proven countless times over that this formula doesn't work, so instead try spending your valuable energy learning ways to hold an advantage in the long run. Study the game, listen to the experts, and learn how to become more successful at counting cards. These are the only ways that you can really master the game and take back the edge from the casino.